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I2C-It IR Rangefinder

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Looking for a way to make your GP2D12 I2C compatible? The I2C-It is the optical sensor for you!

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Nice one, can it be modified to use the long range Sharp GP2Y0A02YK0F sensor?

In fact, is it hard to produce this I2C interface for the short distance sensor too or any other Sharp IR range sensor?

That would be a nice range of sensors!

Anyway, thank you for converting this sensor for us! 

Perhaps grab an AVR Tiny45 with ADC and TWI (I2C) and program an interface of your own? Guessing that's all there may be on that little bitty circuit board.
I would rather switch the boards if that works.
It might, as I believe both sensors output the same voltage level. Tricky part would be de-soldering the board from the original to solder on to your sensor.