Let's Make Robots!


Here's my entry to the robots in the sun.

If anybody would donate some small plastic gears for my toy competition entry, feel free to contact me, OK


Here's a link, if the embedding doesn't work 

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But.. this is a blog entry! And it is Wowee's :D

Hey, it is still cool :D 

If they're fighting the small one doesn't stand a change. If it's a mating ritual ... well ... the small one doesn't stand a chance.
What excactly do you mean by "small plastic gears"?
Bow chicka bow wow
Here come the canine jokes.

I think the little dirty [-------] is humping Mr. Sapiens leg. It doesn't show to well, but he' actually carrying a flower as well. Since Mr. Sapiens is slightly homophobic, he ends up kicking mini to the ground and continiue kicking untill my son started protesting..


As for gears: I've ordered a small toy from eBay that is currently waiting for a make-over, but at the moment I need some gears to hook up the motors. I need small plastic gears (Tandhjul) of the toy car variety. the spesific number of cogs isn't crucial, since a curcuit will adjust the direction anyway. And a rather random look would flatter the bizzare-toy-look I after.


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"