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Nonbots in the robots section - "tisk tisk" or "boo woo"?

Should we ban all nonbots from the robots section? You know: robots that are not. That do not even exist? Ideas for an upcoming robot that only exist in the maker's mind. Maybe on a scrap of paper. Maybe the materials are "in the mail"?

I really don't like it when people post such projects. I don't care if the robot turns out to be really awesome real soon or if the idea never comes to fruition. I just feel that the robots sections should be reserved for actual projects that actually have something to show.

What are we, the Nobel Committee?


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this has changed my oppinion to , me having never built a robot and ordered some parts has under estimated the time that i will need to build my robot ,and in that case i should put it as a blog ,because , well that project wont be moving for a while.

Check out the new draft feature, or botblog for a special way of blogging about your bot.

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One way to make the guidelines more accessible would be to include them in the content creation pages themselves.

So if I go to create a robot page, I get a little guidance at the top of the page saying something like, "Use this page to describe a robot you have begun constructing. If you have not begun to construct your robot, but just want to document an idea or progress, we suggest using a blog." (include link to blog creation page.

This way there are gentle reminders as users go to create content. No one wants to spend time and effort writing content only to be told they did it in the wrong place. 

Thank you all for contributing to this debate. You changed my opinion too. Well, somewhat.

jklug80 calls on all of us to relax and quit the witch hunt. Testimonial from cwignell convinced me that sometimes we can appear a bit aggressive towards newbies who "make the mistake" of posting a nonbot. Even if we don't intend to sound angry. Sure, "le tongue fait la musique", but we get it wrong sometimes. And we risk chasing away respectable makers (to be).

Many of you mention that it is impractical to judge "completeness" of a project. There cannot be any objective measure. I agree with that too. Many suggestions were made to overcome that difficulty, but those suggestions only prove the point. It's never going to be objectively measurable.

Another valid point is that our "LMR rules" (if they do exist at all) are not very clearly written and are not published in a straight forward location. There are at least five different places where to find "best practises", "frequently answered questions" and "guidelines". We should streamline that. After we decide what is acceptable as a robot page and what is not.

Mind you, the debate on "what constitutes a robot" is a very different debate. This time I were trying to answer the question "when is your build worthy of a robot page". And we did not reach a consensus on that. That's all right. I never expected consensus.

Some of you write that you are cautious yourselves when publishing your work on LMR.First write a few blogs before presenting your bot in full, on a page of its own. I applaud that. I practise that myself. That is what I am preaching here. And I hope that us cautious fellows are setting an example for others to follow.

What about the not-so-cautious writers in the mean time? Let's give them a break. And nudge them towards a different practise. But don't scare them off. I now vote against deletion of all nonbots.

My apologies towards anyone I may have spooked lately in an attempt to keep the robot section "pure" and "clean".I shall be more nudgingly henceforth.

Cheers, Rik

...Which means no more nobots!
Because EVERYONE reads the FAQ! :)
Still means no more nobots. This is a proud day for <Enter Name Here> and their fellow companions.

The FAQ currently says:

"... This is a community site. And every member can post on the site. Just make sure you have got something real to show. If you are describing just an idea for a new project, post it on your personal blog. A robot need not be completely finished to earn its own page, but it has to exist. So called "nonbots" are not welcome in the Robots section. ..."

I think it was recently modified to that. Is that sufficient to get the point across to all? Should it be again modified to "...If you're describing an idea for a new project, or describing your shopping list for a project, post it on your personal blog. ..."?

Even without the above change, how about having it linked to from the "Submit Robot Project" page? Right now it says "Have you made a robot? Are you working on one? Share your creation with the world as inspiration to others." Shall I append something like "Please check the FAQ before posting."?

A "Mark as Draft" function is in the test site right now. It'll probably make it here pretty soon.