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Nonbots in the robots section - "tisk tisk" or "boo woo"?

Should we ban all nonbots from the robots section? You know: robots that are not. That do not even exist? Ideas for an upcoming robot that only exist in the maker's mind. Maybe on a scrap of paper. Maybe the materials are "in the mail"?

I really don't like it when people post such projects. I don't care if the robot turns out to be really awesome real soon or if the idea never comes to fruition. I just feel that the robots sections should be reserved for actual projects that actually have something to show.

What are we, the Nobel Committee?


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One way to make the guidelines more accessible would be to include them in the content creation pages themselves.

So if I go to create a robot page, I get a little guidance at the top of the page saying something like, "Use this page to describe a robot you have begun constructing. If you have not begun to construct your robot, but just want to document an idea or progress, we suggest using a blog." (include link to blog creation page.

This way there are gentle reminders as users go to create content. No one wants to spend time and effort writing content only to be told they did it in the wrong place. 

this has changed my oppinion to , me having never built a robot and ordered some parts has under estimated the time that i will need to build my robot ,and in that case i should put it as a blog ,because , well that project wont be moving for a while.

Check out the new draft feature, or botblog for a special way of blogging about your bot.

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