Let's Make Robots!

Nonbots in the robots section - "tisk tisk" or "boo woo"?

Should we ban all nonbots from the robots section? You know: robots that are not. That do not even exist? Ideas for an upcoming robot that only exist in the maker's mind. Maybe on a scrap of paper. Maybe the materials are "in the mail"?

I really don't like it when people post such projects. I don't care if the robot turns out to be really awesome real soon or if the idea never comes to fruition. I just feel that the robots sections should be reserved for actual projects that actually have something to show.

What are we, the Nobel Committee?


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Hi Guys,

(please read tongue in cheek)

The photo above, Robot being derived from a Chec word for slave, are we sure it's not a Robot in a hat?; sometimes at work I wonder where they hid my teach pendant!

The photo below, being basically Anthropomorphic Radio Controlled machines and are, I think more akin to Radio cars. Even with processors on board they are just augmented RC machines; not robots but could be.

Given professional robotists use different definitions, how do we come to a consensus?

The next is what is finished or adequate? I like to build experimental robots, they are not finished ever, in progress, being modify, put aside while I work on another robot but never finished. So, given that where would mine sit? I have some which are 20 years old, yep not finished.

I have been on the receiving end of the That’s not a enough, I was almost about to pull all of my stuff off and not come here any more, I originally thought that this site was about making robots, now it appears to be more about politics, that’s no a robot, lets kick the vendors off and so on. What’s next, you can’t post unless you can describe the difference between TTL or ECL or Veb and VCC.

The sites great as it is; Lets just Build Robots; and share: there is enough politics in the news.

Note: no Politicians, robots or People in hats were harmed in the production of this diatribe.

Oh, one piece of advice, never sit on a soldering iron.

Best regards



Its the truck sized hole in between that may cause some issues.
We need to define the pile of parts, pile of parts that look like a robot, and a robot

This is a difficult thing to judge, I am credited by this site as having made 15 robots. At least 1 never got past a pile of parts and 2 others were re-makes of earlier designs. Perhaps LMR's robot counter should only count robots that get completed.

I admit I would like to at least see a photo of their parts if they are to post a robot page. I do think that ideas and theorys are better posted as a blog or forum.

If I design a robot like Mr. General, but it's for Dagu, can I still post it as a robot page or does it have to be a component? I have found that I can't attach code to a component.

I think everyone needs to relax. I mean we are enforcing "rules" that don't even exist. All most people are doing is yelling at newbies and scaring people away. If you don't want someone to make a robot page when all they have is a plan, MAKE A CLEAR RULE ABOUT IT OR A NOTE ON THE PAGE AS THEY SUBMIT. How is a new person to know except for when 10 people rip on them for doing it. Seriously people relax!

Totally agreed, Rik. And I love the picture ;)

A pile of parts is not a robot, yet. If it was I could take a photo of my junk drawer and post it in 14 different work-in-progress robot projects. "The parts are ordered" doesn't constitute a robot either. Until the parts are assembled into a reasonable approximation of the desired product, it's not a robot.

How about defining a "percent complete" rule of thumb? Something like "If your robot is less than 50% finished to your design, keep it in a blog". Hell, we could even add a form field to the robot project page with that, and things aren't promoted to the frontpage until they're >= that number. (I should investigate that capability before liking that idea too much).

I think some of this will be better once I get the save-draft thing going. Then a project can be written on, but remain unpublished until it's ready.

Drafts would be nice! :D Could even add new link in main bar -> "Robot Drafts" or "Robot Ideas" or what ever...

Besides that, one cannot attach blog to robot project until robot page actually created. I believe drafts should resolve this issue too :D

LOL we've all been at the percent done robot, where it only gets closer by 50 percent:

50 75, 82.5, etc


Lets just make em post as a blog until they have something that resembles a robot, works to a degree, or what evs.

I've always thought there may be less confusion if all initial creations go into a blog for the user.  Once the user has his/her project finalized then, it can be linked to the robots page.  At that point, the robot page would be updated as the user makes changes to their design.
We should call them nobots!