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Nonbots in the robots section - "tisk tisk" or "boo woo"?

Should we ban all nonbots from the robots section? You know: robots that are not. That do not even exist? Ideas for an upcoming robot that only exist in the maker's mind. Maybe on a scrap of paper. Maybe the materials are "in the mail"?

I really don't like it when people post such projects. I don't care if the robot turns out to be really awesome real soon or if the idea never comes to fruition. I just feel that the robots sections should be reserved for actual projects that actually have something to show.

What are we, the Nobel Committee?


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I always tend to the cautious side when posting my (only 1 to date =D) robot entries, but how do we judge when a robot is "complete enough" to validate posting it?
Naturally your robot needs to be more than just a pile of parts and a few ideas, but should it be close to finished? Starting to take shape? First full assembly completed?

There are plenty of examples currently that don't meet the (IMHO) obvious requirements for posting, however I'd like to see a succinct description of at what stage a robot is page-worthy.

Aye. I see a perfect example right now on the homepage.
did you read my post? if you did you should see i have the parts and controler ,i just have to get the base made ,whats the difference between a robot "work in progress" then a pile of parts that are waiting to be put to gether ? besides there are worse things like people makeing the stupid lego robots (the ones with like 2 motors and nothing else).mine will eventualy be made ,ill move it to a blog and leave me alone, it stuff like this that makes new members feel unwanted,what im sick of is when some one builds a robot with a cool idea or component ,and is asked to post more about it ,they do  and then they get ripped on for not posting it right!
If we can battle spam, we are certainly capable of cleaning up our robots section from all nonbots. Any opinions? Differing or otherwise ;-)