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Join the LMR CAD Team! We (Krumlink and -Gary) are a group of Experienced CAD users capable of designing stuff in CAD! We use the STEP file types to share files between all (Autodesk and SolidWorks) software. Put your name in below, and begin collaborative CAD design!


This post will be improved upon later, but we will post our collaborated CAD drawings, etc

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Works for me :)

Krumlink, -Gary, how's this? http://letsmakerobots.com/forum/25

Please let me know if you'd like the forum description to say something different. Same for the stickied Readme post.

I will talk with Krumlink and see if we can get some of our Library files added somewhere. Maybe we can get a File upload area for cad files.
A place with tons of robot CAD files : D 

Hey good thing this group, Krumlink & Gary!

Let us know if you need any tools to maintain the group!

The only CAD software I'm using is Eagle, for pcb making, of course.

i am not experienced in cad, but i will try to make my robot designs in inventor first, so count me in to post those.

is there any library with things like microservos and other parts? 

This group will just be a cad group, ie we will create large complex group project, give out design tips/tricks, etc.

But AFAIK  Autocad, SolidWorks etc are not freely available, how is a design done with those possible to be used by someone who does not have them?

I do have some design experience with Blender and Wings3d, sadly those are more design oriented than CAD, but if you follow some basic rules you can do pretty nice precision designs. There is also Google Sketchup but I haven't really used it.

" There is also Google Sketchup but I haven't really used it. "

Sketchup is ok (fast and easy for beginners), but i just discovered that his circles aren't really circles but sequences of small segments... which apparently is bad for cnc machines... Now i have to re-do everything under Illustrator to correct that -_-v