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Join the LMR CAD Team! We (Krumlink and -Gary) are a group of Experienced CAD users capable of designing stuff in CAD! We use the STEP file types to share files between all (Autodesk and SolidWorks) software. Put your name in below, and begin collaborative CAD design!


This post will be improved upon later, but we will post our collaborated CAD drawings, etc

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The solid model dimension files are saved as .pdf files and can be read by anyone.

Found some info about the STEP files and we have no need for this at work so a bit hard to justify the expense (unless anyone knows of something better than a 10 day/use freebie).


As a famous Aussie once (supposedly) stated - such is life.




In autodesk inventor you can save files as the STEP format instead of the regular .ipt, iam, etc files.


Will have to show yall the frame im working on. Lexan shield took longer than everything else!

Hey team, I've had a lot of experience with AutoCAD, Pro Desktop and SolidWorks through uni/work. I can do some pretty fancy FEA (finite element analysis), including stress prediction, thermal and fluid studies.

In about a day or so I should have my SolidWorks '09 back up and running, keep me posted.

Hi Krumlink,


I also am a CAD although mainly working in 2.5D in town planning.  Use Autocad 8 at work but have never heard of STEP files.

Will do some research into them.  I have designed a few RC aircraft but never in 3D.  Count me in.



are you designing stuff for people? or looking for people who no how to use cad?

sorry if this is a stupid question dont worry read the shout box ,sorry, just so you no i can not use cad