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Looking for a LCD counter

Hi people, does anyone know where i can find a cheap lcd counter (as described on page 19 of the 3rd picaxe manual)? Ideally with backlight 'cause the goal is using it at night...

(and yes, i searched on google but with no luck...)


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I did see some super cheap ones on eBay just searching for LCD clicker. (I seen others too.. but it was while browsing.. not sure what to search for).

$5 with free shipping ( to the US anyways )



I saw that kind of stuff too, but i'd really like a backlight and bigger numbers... And i don't really want to scavenge something, as the look will be quite important (it's not for a robot but for some "artistic" project so aesthetic matters!)

Well, i think i'm gonna wait a bit and someday buy a true LCD that i can control with a single pin...

And thanks for your answers guys!

Does it HAVE to be LCD? Why not use a picaxe with an interrupt to count pulses and a shift register or similar cheap chip to drive some 8 segment LED displays. You could do it for probably less than $3 depending on what you`ve got lying around.
Nope, it doesn't have to be LCD, i just want to display numbers (and only numbers), at night, the cheapest way possible. I thought about those 8 7 segment displays, but correct me if i'm wrong, those displays need one output for each segment don't they? So this would mean that i need extra chips to control them...

Yep they are just a bunch of LEDs lined up. That`s why you could use a shift register or multiplexing to do it with fewer pins. The advantage of DIY is you can make it as professional looking as you want, not to mention the knowledge gained :)

There are chips available that are designed to drive segment displays. Perhaps this site has some helpful ideas. This maxim chip takes serial input and controls up to 8 segments but probably isn`t cheap. Also this page seems to have exactly what you`re looking for but those chips used might be hard to come by.

Maxim chips are $12+ in singles.

The 3-digit page has CD14553 and CD14543 parts, but could be replaced by OnSemi parts MC14553 and MC14543 available at several distributors for under a $1 each.