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DC motors from DAGU

I'm putting together an order at DAGU. But I need to be sure about one thing. The DC motors (items 12 and 13 in the LMR price list), are they GEARED motors? I presumed they were, but then I mailed Claudia and I asked: "Item 13 (dc motor) in the list: Are these motors WITH gears?" and got this answer: "The DC motor will not come with gears". However I think she may have misunderstood my question cause they do look like geared motors....


...But then again I'm no expert. I hope to clear this up today so I can place my order :)

I also wanna ask which of the two products you guy recommend for a wheeled robot?

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I presumed they were...Claudia must have thought I meant EXTRA gears when I asked: "Are these motors WITH gears?".

No worries :)

PS: My order has been sent. Thank you for clearing up my doubts...

Both gear boxes are good quality and include a clutch to protect against excessive loads.


Thanks for clearing that up...
I just so happen to have both of those in front of me. They do not come with extra gears but they are geared. I would get the 90 degree angled ones they are easier to mount... heck get a pair of both ;)