Let's Make Robots!


 hello everybody here...!!!

Actually m from india . speaking straight, " i can't spend much but also can't live without robotics".

so please give me some advices to not to kill my love towards robotics. i m a student of electronics but here in my college we do not have such facalities for electronics students. so please guide me about how to begin and what resources to use to get over the money problem. 

i really need your help.......!!!!

i started working over 8051 family but working on with it is quite stressing as i need to start from scratch everytime.

m waiting for response.....!!

                               thank you.


                                                                          HELP ME

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free PIC samples to base your robot on:


PIC16F628 is a good example. 


schematics for a programming board for the chip



extensive list of companies who give out free samples of their components:




That's some pretty cool info!! What are the criterias normally for receiving FREE parts like that?


One criteria : Being able to tell the difference between a tantalum and a ceramic cap regardless what a schematic appears to say.  : )

I still have NO idea how you guys can tell the difference. The damn things look EXACTLY the same :|

Anyway I've been programming since I was 11 and I'm studying computer science. However a few months ago I frankly didn't know what the hoot a circuit was. So bare over with me :)

Ttantalum are more oval and likely to be shiny. Ceramic are almost a perfect circle and have more of a matte finish. As far as circuit schematics go I'm not sure how they are represented. I usually just check to see if polarity is called for and if not find one with the proper farads/voltage.

That's what I thought too. I thought the ceramic ones looked like this:


And the tantalum ones like this:


BUT...then I saw THIS (also a CERAMIC cap):


Which looks more like a tantalum than a ceramic to me. So...back to square one for me :)

When you buy em, make sure to keep them in a labeled container :)

That said, most of the tantalum caps I've had (admittedly, not many) had a polarization indicator somewhere, whereas the ceramics don't. That last one, though shiny, should have no + on it.

I'll be sure to do so ;) but 1st I need to figure out WHICH to buy?

I'm STILL not sure whether these are ceramic or tantalum caps? I assumed they were ceramic at 1st. Then someone said they were tantalum, but now I lean towards ceramic (again)...

For the 0.1uF caps in the diagram I'd go with ceramic. They're just a pile of decoupleing caps. Buy em by the dozens, they're really handy ;)
I'll go buy myself a batch ASAP :)