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Posting a robot page from DAGU

I was a member of LMR well before I ever heard of DAGU, I miss posting robots but have refrained from doing so in case others felt it was spam. It seems to me if I show the work that goes into making a DAGU robot, from idea to prototype to final product then it should qualify as a robot page as well as a component from DAGU.


Are my designs robot page worthy or advertising?

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You are all good... You are down, do what ever you want to do.
We trust you. End of story.
I would like a robot page with a write up of how yo umade it, problems encountered, things learned etc and a component page with the robot for sale. That's just what I would like to see ;)
There is a lot involved to make an idea into a final product, the robot page would be like my others showing photos of various steps with a write up on problems encountered and how solutions were found. For sales purposes a component page would be made seperately.

Absolutely robot page worthy. If you want to do both and link them to each other that'd be slick too.

I wouldn't consider it a problem to post the final version as a robot, but in any case you aren't selling the initial prototypes, so at the very least they would be fine.
To my knowledge there is no specific rule governing whether a robot can or cannot be posted where profits are involved - I mean, you're still the one designing them, we don't flame people who get their PCBs printed professionally are we? I can, however, completely understand why you'd want to be absolutely sure before going ahead with posting a robot =)

Perhaps it would be most appropriate to split the robot post, and have both a Robot page and a Component page? All sales related details can be kept on the Component page, which is also linked to the Robot page which would chronicle the development of said robot all the way up to the final product.

I would love to see your designs, it is not spam to me as long as every second line is not "BUY THIS HERE".