Let's Make Robots!

Robot parts in Finland: Robomaa.com

Hello to all! I'd like to introduce to you Robomaa.com, Finlands first and only webshop focusing on hobby robotics products.

Our goal is to provide easy shopping experience at affordable prices to all robot-enthusiast in Finland, from hobbyist to hobbyist.

We offer wide selection of microcontrollers, servos and accessories needed in hobby robotics. We carry items such: Arduino-microcontrollers and -shields, Hitec-servos, Devantech ultrasonic-rangers and Sharp IR-sensors. We are also Dagu-distributor (soon).

Currently we ship only to Finland but if there's lot of demand, there's no problem to offer international shipping. Don't hesitate to ask!

Story of Robomaa.com is quite common, ordering part from various stores abroad came quite expensive so I decided to put up this shop. By ordering larger quantities, we can offer affordable prices here in Finland with reasonable shipping costs.

Click the logo and come check us out!