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Monster 6WD

We are currently prototyping a new 6WD platform and we also have a cool robot arm kit, both are made of aluminium. I have decided to merge the two into a cool 6WD all terrain robot. The serial interface that comes with the robot arm can control 32 servos leaving most of my MCU pins free to deal with sensors and other motors.


At the moment the 6WD chassis needs better suspension and I am building a new arm, the same colour as the wheels. I am going to use a Picaxe 28X2 for the brain as I am learning how to use this chip at the moment. I will use a SplatBot X2 PCB as it has most of the circuitry I need built in.


The end result will be....





6W_suspension_rebuilt1_0.jpgOne problem to be overcome with the 6WD is the suspension. When I first built the 6WD it took a lot of searching to find suitable springs. The new chassis is bigger and heavier so we are starting from scratch. This was the original system

I had wanted to use ball joints instead of the rubber grommets and screws but the ball joints available dont seem strong enough and are hard to fit so we decided to stick with the original system but bigger springs.

We started out making them by hand from a length of 2mm diameter wire.









 The problem with this design has always been that the metal is over stressed at the corners and tends not to spring back properly when under a heavy load. So I changed the design to eliminate the sharp corners.


This works much better but 2 turns was too soft. Gao went to the local factory to experiment with different wire sizes, turn diameters and number of turns. We now have 1.5 turns of a different wire on the prototype.


This is still a work in progress. Although we are using 25mm conduit in the prototype the final version will have specially molded motor housings.


I've now rebuilt the Arm using red anodized aluminium parts as it matches the colour of the wheels better.


 Here are some photos showing how everything fits under the deck so far. Click on them for a larger image.


There are 2x 7.2V 4500mAH between the wheels and even with the servo controller and 28X2 processor board there is still room for more circuits.


Looking under the deck you can see there is plenty of room for wires, circuitry and even the odd servo.

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Wrong place, I meant to reply.

Since I can't delete this, I'll just edit it.

Another cool robot by OddBot. It's fun to see the Wild Thumper before it was domesticated (made into a kit).

(I wish there were a way to delete posts.)

I saw the 6 wheel base on a website I was wondering what controller would be best for the arm and chassis. My cousin wanted to build a can collection robot and I'm a little unsure about remote controls eventually I want it to do it bye it's self. But I'm on a budget right now. If u could help that would be great

What do you mean by a "controller"? You mention "remote control" are you looking for a microcontroller board or radio control gear?

HobbyKing sells all sorts of radio control gear. Here's a six channel unit for about $25.

My cousins came up with an idea for a drink serving robot the ideas have been big this is what I need a processing board to have a program saved for the arm, and activated when a button it pressed on a radio controller. The radio controller needs to run the chassis and 1 servo as we'll. radio controller gear is new to me and I'm a little rusty with programming. Buy budget I am able to spent 300 every other week until I have every thing I need. As u can imagine I don't want to break a veery expensive project before I get it working

It doesn't seem like your questions about are about OddBot's robot. You might want to start thread in the forum to ask your questions.

If you take a look at some of OddBot's other robots you'll see he made a kit (Service Driod) that does a lot of what you want to do. You can learn a lot by looking through some of the earlier robots on LMR.

You should also watch the first video here.

This is a very old post (2009) but these days the Wild Thumper 6WD is sold by a few online stores. A new controller has come out for it now called the T'REX robot controller. This is an Arduino compatible controller and it includes 6 outputs that can be used for servos.

Unfortunately non of the parts are cheap so if your on a budget then you might have a problem.

Looks sort of like a higher tech version of VEXexplorer. A bit overkill on the servos. The arm is cute though a VEXelplorer could pick up a 1/2 full bottle of wine (not chinese size). lol A bigger arm with less and bigger servos would bring the price down and perhaps get more response. Looks so fragile and too much like a toy. I am just refering to the arm and gripper. (opinion)
is awesome.
Is that red anodized aluminum significantly more expensive then normal 3mm thick aluminum?
Anodizing is not expensive. It improves the arms resistance to corrosion and makes it easy to colour the aluminium. The 6WD chassis I am using is only a painted prototype but the final product will also be anodized.