Let's Make Robots!

my first robot "Number 3"

navigate with srf 05

first updateDSCF0109bis.jpgDSCF0110bis.jpgDSCF0111bis.jpg

Number 3 has now 2 picaxe 18X,

a little lcd, a tilt sensor  and

2 switch in front

the 2 picaxe speak with serial wire

(sorry for my english i am french)

































 hello this is my first robot named Number3


 make with some code solution from LMR

for the moment it roll and roll again

picaxe 18x project board

POB-BOT base

servo Hitec HS 422

and srf 05

i wait for second picaxe, little lcd  and other parts



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Are 3 1.5V batteries enough power for the tank?

I have the same tank body, but the friction force is large ... 

So I'm think about choosing the battery 

yes i find it with google, in france this is the base from pob-bot, the same as pololu

 the link:


Those are the tracks from POLOLU right?

Have you tried google? Just copy and paste "POB-BOT base" into google's search box.
Awesome, just what I needed. That eye is pricey, but I could ues it...
Another one to look for is the RP5 chassis from pololu. They are both very similar.