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Extended Project - Arduino robot platform MK3

I am building this robot for a course i am currently enroled in, the Edexcel Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). This course requires you to complete a project of your own choice, the outcome in this case will be an artifact, the robot. The robot is designed to be an experimental platform aimed at anyone wanting to get into hobby robotics, phisical computing or Arduino in preticular. The robot will be designed with a number of inbuilt featues aswell as room for the user to experiment with their own ideas. the robot will be designed to minimise cost to make it accsesable, however i do not want this to take away from the functionality of the bot.

       i would apriciate feedback from the LMR comunity as you all have expirience ofwhat is required to enter into hobby robotics. i have compiled a short survey, i'd be verry thankfull for all replies, heres the link:


      all sugestions are welcome. im perticularly interested in what features you think the robot shoud include. the next update will be here soon!


Update 2


First off thanks for all the survey replies! keep 'em comin. secondly the robot now pictured in the main picture is a working prototype that i made a few days ago (notice the bluetac, now thats build quality!)

 i have dust drawn up a design for a carier PCB for the microcontroller, which i have now decided will be an arduino mega. the carrier board will use the extra arduino mega pins to controll the inbuilt functions of the robot, and leave all the standard arduino pins open plus some extra I/O's for the user to experiment with. i will upload a picture of this design verry shortly!

ps Keep the survey replies coming, all info so far is great!

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Sorry guys i was half asleep when i wrote this, didnt realy make myself clear. im not new to robotics, i've posted here before. this didnt go straight to the blog page beacuse i already had a working prototype, i've uploaded the image now. The project has just got fully underway and updates should be coming regularly. if you still think i should repost i will.

ps thanks for all the survey replies already!

Please read FAQ, delete this post, and repost as a blog :)


PS: That's the most green thing I have ever seen!

You may want to post this as a forum topic since you don't have any plans on what the robot is or what it will do. Typically robot pages are used for a project that is underway. Are you new to robotics? If so then you need to start small. Look at the project documented in the STAR HERE link at the top of the page.