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Unnamed as yet...!!

First of all, let me say I LOVE this site, it's exactly what I've been looking for for quite some time - Keep up the good work!!

I've been messing about with microcontrollers for a while and thought it's about time I did something a bit more tangible than just flashing LEDs and making servos move back and forth!! So I've decided to make a robot that I can keep extending and adding features to and maybe end up with something cute and fun.

For the time being I'm going to be using a PICMicro 12f675 until the samples I've ordered come through or until I can afford a PicAxe or similar to extend the range of functionality. Unfortunately this will leave me with only 6 pins to play with, but I like a challenge!!

Here are some mock ups I have quickly done in 3D to show what I hope my finished bot will look like.

My bot!  My Bot!

The challenge I've set myself is to create something with a bit of character and that looks good, and is as compact as I can manage for as little money as possible. A tall order, I know!!

The Ball at the front of the robot will be able to pan and tilt, a bit like a head to give the impression of 'looking' around. I hope to eventuallyincorporate some sonar or infrared rangeing capabilities into the 'head' and maybe some auditory and/or visual feedback too so it can interact with the environment or track objects or whatever I finally decide to use it for!!

I am still very much planning this robot, but any ideas or feedback would be greatly appreciated, even at this stage!

I will be using JAL to program the microcontroller, and mostly using whatever components and materials I have lying around. Wish me luck!!

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What are going to be the features?
Well, I'm gonna start simple. I think I'll just have it avoiding objects, probably with whiskers to start with. But eventually, I would like it to identify different types of objects and react differently to each.

First of all, let me say that I love your avatar!

Second, I love your design.

Third, I am really looking forward to see what is going to come out of you - with the materials at hand, and with the feeling for visual / design that you obviously have! 

Exciting to have you here!


I like it. I think an important part of robotics is making the robot physically appealing. I haven't typically done that just because that's a lot harder than making something purely functional :) But yours looks like it'll be very 'cute'.


I don't know how much like the plans it'll look, but I have some ideas on how to achieve it! I think I'm probably starting this process the wrong way round by starting with a look, and trying to get the mechanics to fit it, but I like I said, I like a challenge!

That said, it's hard to not see lots of personality in the other robots on this site, especially our favourite, YDM!! And alot of that comes from the exposed innards and homemade look that gives... Perhaps my design is a tad 'cold'... Hopefully I can inject some personality into it when it starts moving...

Thanks for the comments!!

Iiiii thiiink you may have a hard time keeping it "cold", this being your first robo :D

BUT!! If you focus on looks as well, then yes, even just bending a cable or altering the angle of something can make a huge impact. And  see that you (like a lot of the guys in here, who make some really COOL sh*t IMHO) has attention to the design.. SO this is why I am looking forward - not because you are expected to keep the "cold look".

Nuff said, start building! :D 

hey i got some ideas for this project of yours

maybe you can make an amplifier, so you can connect your mp3 player on it and then make some recognizing thing (maybe colour recognizing) so the robot follows you and plays music wherever you go (maybe if you use a colour recognizing sensors or something you'll have to use special pants so it sees your legs to follow)

or maybe you can use it as a chair that follows you everywhere(same principles)

the truth is that i am a beguinner in this thing but i have some crazy ideas hope you may use some of those. 

I like the idea of a tune playing tag-along bot.... will definately consider!
There are loads of MP3 players to be controlled by your microcontroller out there. Picaxe shop has one at least.
I already checked in Picaxe shop, and I think there aro no Tagging mp3 robots, maybe you still right and there are too many mp3 robots but it is a suggestion, I am still a noob in this fields so i didnt knew how much of those where, sorry about that, next time ill do more resarch before talkin that stuff.