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Shelf pins or thingies?

A rather odd question. I trying to make my own (servo) brackets by cutting pieces from CDs. That works pretty well. The problem is getting them attached in 90 degree angles. I believe what I'm looking for is called shelf pins. But I'm not sure. Here are some pics of what I'm looking for:


However I've been to all the..erm..handyman-shops around and I haven't been able to find some that really fits my purpose. Generally they're much larger than I need. These are the (smallest) ones I did find:


And here is one in use (with a sharp sensor):


It works pretty well. Only I plan to use miniature servos and they're simply too large for that. Perhaps I've been looking for the wrong things in the wrong places? Perhaps someone has a better idea? All suggestions are welcome :)

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...that they EXIST in smaller sizes :) ½ an inch would be PERFECT. And also a good suggestion to buy them by mail order IF I can't find them here. But I'll keep trying...

Thanks :)

You could also try to look online for shelf rests which is another name for them. That way I managed to find some that are half an inch wide. I won't link to them though because I don't really know if it's a decent company that sells them. But searching for mini shelf pins or rests should give you something to work from.

I've seen those everywhere.  Home Depot, Peavey Mart, Canadian Tire, RONA, etc... Of course those are Canadian places but you must have equivalents wherever you are.  And they're always just in the shelving or misc hardware section.

Another suggestion might be to buy a long piece of 90degree angle plastic, which can be found in the drywall section (it's for protecting your wall corners) and cutting it into thin pieces.  Will be very cheap but you'll have to drill your own holes.

Thank you for the suggestions...I'll keep them in mind and continue my search...
i no your looking for those things but id say get some polymorph and then look at oddbots walkthough

I did check it out but frankly I'm reaching the point where I can't keep spending another 40 bucks every time I encounter a tiny problem. I'm new to electronics/robotics and I've had to buy EVERYTHING from Arduino, cables, servos, motors, sharp sensor, motor controller, soldering iron, soldering iron iron holder, "extra hand"-thingy, power supply, breadboard etc etc etc just to get started. And everything is very expensive here. It's time to get creative with what I've got and not spend more money for the time being.

So I'll consider it a LAST option.

Besides my solution seems to work (CDs). I just need to find the 90 degree thingies which I KNOW exist, so I simply need to find them. Or find another CHEAP way of attaching the pieces in 90 degree angles.

But thanks anyway...as I said: all suggestions are welcome :)