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So, I've been to London, UK.

The entire department at work went there for "seminar" which means we did two 30 minutes meetings, And spent the rest of 3 days shopping, sightseeing, going to concerts and other touristing...

Our plane back was delayed and the bunch of us spent the time talking about what we'd done. Some had bought shoes and clothes, one girl had bought jewelery, one had bought records, and so on..

What about yourself? -someone asked me:

"Oh" I said "I bought these really accurate calipers, they're digital! With a precise readout down to 0.01 millimeter!! It's smaller than I can see! I mean I'll notice 0.1 millimeter, but i probably wouldn't bother me. With the stuff I usually builds 1.0 millimeter is over-enginering it, so with this awesome piece of..." 

By the time I get this far I realize that there's no more than four other on the room that knows what calipers are, maybe only half of those again have held one, and I am probably the only one owning two of them... Those still listening are just looking blankly at me while smiling sheepish. The others has broken into smaller conversations and written me of as winner of The Nerd Champion of 2009.

Just thought I'd share the story...

I bought a cheap multimeter as well, cause my old one broke when I tried to check the power socket without switching it over from Ohm's before plugging it into the 240Volts. I didn't bother to tell my colleagues about it... 

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I always have this problem. It is worse when the person giving you the blank stare is the person translating for you when you are trying to explain something to an engineer :(