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Mr. Basic axles

This one goes out to those who participated in the first Mr. Basic Challenge.

The first batch of kits that DAGU Electronics sent out had some bad parts in it, and DAGU was quick to replace those parts, and the problem is fixed on the later releases.

 Now I wondered if anybody got 4 replacement wheel axles (2 fronts, 2 backs) and kept the old ones? You see I need those old ones...

So if anybody is willing to post'em to Norway, I'd be really grateful.

If there is anything particular you need, I can have a look in my kit-box and see if I can find something to swap... 

My Mr. Basic kit are undergoing heavy modifications, and I keep running out of original parts. I've bought a second one to scavenge parts from, but I need an extra set of axles to machine down from Ø=3mm to 2mm. And I would like to avoid buying a third kit.

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We are happy to supply you with some free spare parts but you would have to pay for the shipping. Next time you buy from us, give me a list of extra parts you need and we will include them in your order.