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Xmos XK-1pin location observation

Heya LMR Folks.

 I wanted to post this out of concern for the people working with the XK-1 and the actual pin layout vs the hardware manual  pin layout so as to avoid confusion and potential damage to the board if you plan to use the power pins(or any of the pins like the rx/tx pins) related to the jtag ports.

The issue is related to the pin 1 location on the board vs the location specified in the HW manual.

If you look at the HW manual at the Xsys connector image(p.6/14) you will note that pin one is identified on the top left with both header rows and should be positive. When looking at the actual board though, you will note that pin 1 is labled as the bottom right pin for the jtag in and left bottom pin for the jtag out .

Initially PatrickM tested this pin location issue and I was able to confirm that the pin1 identified on the board itself is the 5v pin, while the upper outside pin(pin 20) is in fact ground. As this location is reversed, it is also assumed(by me)that the other pins would also have their locations reversed.





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Every one needs to see this,  please do not fry your . Did anyone concern this with Xmos yet?

I plan  to send an email to Jason about this to see if anyone else has noted this documention issue.

Good catch Voodoobot, same here.
Got word back from Jason@xmos that it was an issue and they have updated the docs for the XK-1 hardware manual. Get your update if you don't have it already!  :D