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Oddbot, what's the torque like on those micros of yours? How tough is polymorph at about 3 mm thick? Can it take a fall and be landed on with 5kg without shattering? If possible, can you post a hard-copy of the exact dimensions of your micro?



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Polymorph is tough, and is not brittle at room temperature. It won't shatter, it'll just deform if overloaded.
As far as whether or not it would survive a fall when loaded with 5kgs, the answer depends on the height of the fall, the geometry or the parts and how they land. A long, thin strip of 3mm polymorph will bend all out of shape if it lands end first with 5kgs on the other end, however a wide flat plate of polymorph with 5kgs on top would shrug it off assuming the fall was not huge.

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