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Female to female headers

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Trust me; You REALLY want these. Really. They come in other lenghts as well.

Uh, so nice to have. So nice!!

Uh - forgot to ad shop, link: Here it is, compare price, much less than half of anywhere else:



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nice! i'll see if i can find it...didn't think of it before

That's what i was searching for!! thanks fritsl

actually i've made my own today. that's money saving! (i only need to find something that insulates the header properly, not that tape doesn't but i don't like it much, its quite loose.

I am not sure what it is called, but it is "heat schringking plastic" - it is like the straws you could use to drink from. You cut off a piece, and insert the bare parts into that. Then you heat it up, and it schrinks firmly around the parts. A lighter is what i use, just a quick flame..

Any electronics store will have it!

(And it is what is used on the cables on the picture, it is easy to see if you have tried to use it before, the way it sticks around the object)

Can you get nice pink ones? For jklug80? 

WHAT! I acutally ordered the bundle (10 of all 3 lenghts) from Frits link... BOA I'm putting you in time out!
Nice.  I got mine at RoboticsConnection, but the only color was orange.  I like the blue better.

Yer, I know they sell them, but check the price!!