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hi.. I've just take a little speaker from a radio. there are 2 little cables, one for ground, pin for the other.. when I connect them there's a noise sound that stops when there are properly connect.. I've connect it on pin 1. but when I upload some code.. like

main: let b0=b0+1
sound 1,(b0,50)
goto main

nothing happen.. can anyone help please? ._.



there is a little mistake on this photo... ground is pin and pin is ground  ... ground is on left.. I know.. xD .. it doesn't work T_T T_T

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Wrong! you can / should use the darlington :)

Ahh, crap..... I just took mine out from the start as I'm not driving anything that needs high current, and assumed you wouldn't be able to get the frequency thru it. But know I think about of cousre you can, its like an amp.

 Ignore everything I've ever said. :)



if I use the darlington I can't use the servo.. T_T
I've posted some pictures..

I can't make out the photos, but is it hooked up like this?



this is my way .. but I've triend many other


Hi Pasquale


Then row of pins you have the black wire on is the negative (gnd) rail, and the red one is the positive rail (V). so hooked up like this is like connecting the speaker directly to the battery. Unfortuanatly that might mean the speaker is fried.

 try like this, the black one is to negative (ground) the red one is to the output from picaxe



I need a picture to make sure all is right.

And Labels ("Main:") should always be on a line by themselves, nothing after ":"

And I would start with

sound 1,(b0,5)

(5 instead of 50)