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needing help on a crane/boom to r/c

hello  everybody im new to this forum

 i build custom radio controll semis for a living .all one of a kind.73 build to date.

my new build is a crawler recovery truck .im at the point where i need to start thinking and building the boom,i want to make a working crane/cherry picker/boom/controll arm what ever you want to call it.

 the arm it self had to extend i say about 24 inch and has to pick up about 4 pounds

im running a 7.2v main battery and a 4.8v receiver battry.i would like to operate the boom from my radio.

could i please get some help here.or maybe buy this item from someone


heres my truck build  http://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=21635

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i have the boom that want to convert.maybe if send a picture you can give me some pointer


my email is maddhouse1@aol.com

Electrical? Mechanical? Manual? Running a 7.2V tamiya-style motor off an R/C set shouldn't be a big problem. Your simplest approach would be to buy and R/C electronic speed controller. If you want to make it autonomous, THAT's when the fun starts.
i would likw to run it of r/c radio.so it will 4.8v.i have 9 channel.i using the bruder crane/boom.the boom need to extend ,up/down and reel in.i know it looks simple but the psrts need i dont know.im sure i need mini motors with gear boxes.but i dont what controolei i need to link to the receiver