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I can't manage to run my arduino on Vista.

I Just got my arduino form the mail, plugged it in my computer followd the instruction given on Aruino.cc, i'm saldy "a Pc living with vista" to quote the apple Ad, and I cannot install driver manually, I plugged my arduino in my pc, a "new hardware found"popped, it searched the drivers automatically, "succesfully" installed them, then, nothing. I can't do anything.

Btw, yes the arduino program is installed.

Also, I have Ubuntu in dual boot but I'm pretty much new to it.

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Nevermind, macegr from the arduino forums helped me.
incase someone else has this issue while on this site whats the answer?

 Well... Uhhh... That's because Vista SUCKS!!!!! I'm back to XP and happy as a clam.

www.rocketbrandcustom.com baby!!

Vista Sucks but it wasn't the problem.
Post what the problem was and what you did to fix it. It may help someone else.
Problems i had wit hvista and arduino were getting the right drivers to install, vista has a great but annoying feature where it runs off and spends ages finding drivers. Took me over an hour to get it sorted. 
Could you post the link to the fix or tell me how you did it? I am having the same problem with vista "successfully" automatically installing the drivers. Vista sucks.