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LMR keyrings and other merchandise

During my time as a member of LMR I have seen the odd discussion about LMR T shirts, caps etc.  Jack would like to help promote LMR and is looking at producing some keychains.

The minimum order is 300 and it cost about $600 USD to have the mold made. We would sell them at cost ($2 USD) or give one out with every order from an LMR member. We are not doing this to make money but to promote LMR as the best robot site on the web.

Below is the design Jack proposes. What do you think? Does LMR need or even want merchandise?




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Will there be an order form, or do we just msg you when they are ready? Will paypal be accepted? *insert questions about logistics here*

I will probably want a sticket, keychain and a mug..... at least. 

CoffiecoffiecoffieIthinktheseareanawesomeideaniceworkoddbot....anyideahowmuchtheywillcost? Ihadcoffietoday...

freakin lol!!!

LMR coffie mugs, omg!

Nothing taste better than coffee from an LMR mug, I have been testing a sample mug for a few days now :D

Stickers, keychains and coffee mugs will all be ready in the next week or 2. 

Ready for Christmas? Man, you are now officially king of the moment. Congrats.

Here is a photo sent by the factory of the first coffee mug sample.


Should be ready in about 2 weeks :D

how do i get one, and two keychains,
very nice! Once the keychains are ready I'll be placing an order and toss in 2 mugs and 2 keychains ;)

Since there was no negative remarks to address I believe Jack will go ahead with the key rings and stickers. Strangely enough he was asking me what was a good size coffee mug the other day.....

No promises on printing the node Frits :)