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LMR keyrings and other merchandise

During my time as a member of LMR I have seen the odd discussion about LMR T shirts, caps etc.  Jack would like to help promote LMR and is looking at producing some keychains.

The minimum order is 300 and it cost about $600 USD to have the mold made. We would sell them at cost ($2 USD) or give one out with every order from an LMR member. We are not doing this to make money but to promote LMR as the best robot site on the web.

Below is the design Jack proposes. What do you think? Does LMR need or even want merchandise?




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Really old thread... but sure would like to see some of this stuff come to life. Coffee mugs, key fobs, tee shirts (nice v necked ones for the ladies please...) I really think these things could sell. Maybe make them Kickstarter projects to ensure sales numbers?

I would love a cupboard full of LMR mugs.....

Yes it this,

Very yes!

"All LMR are belong to us" doesn't seem to ring as correct grammar To me. Maybe "LMR belongs to us"? Just checking. Love the mug!

It's not correct English.
It's LMR's modification to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/All_your_base_are_belong_to_us


I'd love a Let's Make Robots mug!

Yes, about 5 years ago. I would love another mug as well. Mine accidentally got smashed :(


Will there be an order form, or do we just msg you when they are ready? Will paypal be accepted? *insert questions about logistics here*

I will probably want a sticket, keychain and a mug..... at least. 

CoffiecoffiecoffieIthinktheseareanawesomeideaniceworkoddbot....anyideahowmuchtheywillcost? Ihadcoffietoday...

freakin lol!!!

LMR coffie mugs, omg!