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Is this something to bookmark? Anyone have experience with bildr yet? Does it apply to LMR as well?

[edit: LMR-II does support vimeo embedding!]

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I guess the more important question is, is there anything we think is missing or could be improved from LMR?

Who's ready to start the forum post for features for LMR III?

(Just teasing, guys. LMR II rocks!)

Settle down, man! I still haven't got all the kinks worked out of II yet! ;D

And believe me, there's already a good sized list of stuff that didn't make it into II in the first place. LMR ~2.5 should really be slick.

I think this is kind of lame. It's going to attract people who don't really want to learn how to do something, and just want a cookie cutter solution ("plz post code, kthx"). How many ways are there to build a headlamp for a bike? Do we only want ONE to be the one showcased by the site? How about if that was a wheeled robot platform? Only one of those? And just think of how much work it's going to take to get people to write their code to use a colour sensing module in every different PIC package? What if code on the site requires your PIC chip to use PORTD, but the chip you have doesn't have PORTD? 

Something I do like about this is the idea of a centralized knowledge base. I think a better solution would be to have a search function that indexes sites and forums containing key words that users search, such as the colour sensing module. All sites pertaining to colour sensing modules are saved and a new page is formed with sites listed such as where to buy, forums, datasheets...etc...A lot of the work this site is proposing to do is already done, like on here! 

Sorry for the rant, just my 2 cents, hehe.

- P 

I also could not help parallel_ing the content of LMR (compared with the hypothetical paper ideal of bildr)

LMR II already has all what bildr proposes !!!!! (in stone), and LMR is far ahead in this respect.

ie community-componant supplies-module orientated-global help and ideas .............




Agreed. Neat concept. No content.

There can be only one!

Interesting. Agreed, sounds like a how-to wiki.

Everywhere a part is mentioned in an article will be a link to that part, including information on where to buy it and how to use it. Hmm, sound like the idea behind LMR's Components section (which, admittedly, is in need of some work (which is why it's so high on the todo list)).

So isn't this like object oriented programming theory brought to building components? At least thats what my take on it was...


Well, look what I just found on Google, while trying to find info on bildr.org: LMR is talking about Bildr. And that is what is most important, according to Google :D


Were you logged in with your google account? Those bigbro's know who you are, yaknow! They show you exactly what they think you wanna see!!! And then they steal your soul. Without even paying...