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I love the look of Polymorph. It's a plastic material that becomes soft like dough at only 62 degrees celcius, and remains shapeable until it cools down to around 50 degrees. under that temperatur it behaves like normal plastic, you can cut it, drill in it, glue it together, sand it and paint it. And if you need to reshape it; just dip it in your teacup until it gets hot again. For more details check this PDF on specs. For those who are familiar to the swashbot, this is what he used on #3, the brand he uses is Shapelock.

The only problem is that I can only find it at MUTR . The price is nice, but the shipping fee to Norway is to much. Add 50% taxes and fees, and the amount gets ridiculous...

Does anybody know anywhere else I can buy it? Or are there any LMR-people who live in UK willing to buy it and mail it to Norway as a "Gift" (for a fair compensation of course)?

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How come so many say that hot-clear polymorph will stick to your skin? I got a 250g package, and have used alot of it, put it into boiling water. And it is hot when you take it out, but it never sticks to my skin.

 Are there several types of polymorph? Maybe with different characteristics.

It won't get sticky at 67 degrees, but try heating it over a candle and you'll get the gluey feel. But please, there are better ways to ruin your face than to waste good polymorph.

My polymorph arrived today. I split the bill with a buddy, the total was 16 euros for a 1/2 kilo, so I got 250 grams for 8 euros (including shipping). I ordered from the ebay shop I linked to above. I ordered last friday and today is thursday. Shipping could be faster, but at least its relatively cheap.

Polymorph is really as cool as you think it is, btw :) 

This ebayer is selling (among other cool stuff) polymorph at reasonable prices. Will ship 1/2kg to the Netherlands for 16 euros inc. shipping:


Hey, that guy has a lot of neat stuff!! I'll enter him in ht eweblinks-section.

Gents and Ladies all over the world asking about how to get shape lock or low melting point plastics...

go into your local sporting goods store and purchase a wad of the 1.99USD  Boil-And-Bite Plastic mouth guards..

I have tested 3 different brands in a side by side with shape lock and it is 100% the Same Thermoplastic.

now go out and make me some bots with this stuff to drool over!!!

more like a thermorubber now... no jokes here guys.

well the "walmart" brand mouth guards I picked up tonight are certainly not the same thermoplastic. they are more rubbery and Quickly Cool and are even rubbery when hot wanting to fight against any stretching more like a rubber than a plastic. these are no good and at .97 cents USD for 16 grams they are almost 2-4 cents more per gram.. 



Hey - I was thinking about this!!

After my disapointment with using melt glue, I did not have the stamina to try this as well.. Are you sure? Really? Please make "Tip" (top menu) so this is not wasted in the forum for none to find after some time..

 Could you please name those brands?

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

I Did the testing a few years ago. as far as I can tell they are the same i'm about to need  a lot of thermoplastic for the next few botz so i'll be purchasing a few boil-n-bite mouth guards and weighing them and doing some testing and see if  acquiring the thermoplastic via a mouth guard is cheaper (cost pergram vs. Commercial product).

as soon as i get that done i'll make a post.. i hope i can  find the time to get too it iin the next 48 as i'm on vacation with limited PC access for the coming week starting fri.