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I love the look of Polymorph. It's a plastic material that becomes soft like dough at only 62 degrees celcius, and remains shapeable until it cools down to around 50 degrees. under that temperatur it behaves like normal plastic, you can cut it, drill in it, glue it together, sand it and paint it. And if you need to reshape it; just dip it in your teacup until it gets hot again. For more details check this PDF on specs. For those who are familiar to the swashbot, this is what he used on #3, the brand he uses is Shapelock.

The only problem is that I can only find it at MUTR . The price is nice, but the shipping fee to Norway is to much. Add 50% taxes and fees, and the amount gets ridiculous...

Does anybody know anywhere else I can buy it? Or are there any LMR-people who live in UK willing to buy it and mail it to Norway as a "Gift" (for a fair compensation of course)?

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EDit. Look Up ^

 Check this one: http://www.xrobots.co.uk/android10.htm

It's a walking humanoid made basically of polymorph and battery screwdrivers.


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

It's very pretty, but I sort of feel that I would have built one leg, or probably just one joint first to see if it worked. I wonder where he got all those screwdrivers... I wonder when he started it and when he ceased doing it. This guy has some HUGE budget!
If you think that's a lot of building, check out his root site at http://www.xrobots.co.uk/ to see Androids 1 through 9

Hmm.. Seams like only Polymorph is Polymorph after all..


I checked the website youlinked but I don't understand what you mean?

A company called Solvay in the UK were the manufacturer, but have now sold the Polycaprolactone business to Swedish company Perstorp, who now make it under the name Capa 6500. This material is then renamed to Polymorph, Shapelock and 'Friendly plastic'. As far as I can tell, befor Solvay sold to Perstorp it was available in 20 kg or 500 kg bags at USD$ 9/kg.  As far as I can tell, its the Capa 6500 but I would need to get a free sample to make sure its the right one.

 Other campanies such as Dow also make it, but to make it cheaper and more biodegradable they add corn startch which I would think would make it unuseable for our pruposes.


I thought I could make it out of glue-sticks, but I cant really get all they say about the real thing out of it.

- And then I just throw in a link to a place that sells "the real thing" :) 

I've been looking for a supplier in Australia, but like everything else we are too far from anywhere to get anything good here. But, I did find this, they are the company who make Polycaprolactone and as far as I can tell that is Shapelock/polymorph. The free sample you want to request is CAPA ® 6500 Polycaprolactone. The only problem is you have to pay freight, and they ask for a courier account number, which counts me out :(. Probably not an option for me, but maybe a couple of you guys over that side of the world could buy in bulk and sell it (a a reduced cost) to others on LMR.

Some companies do have a bizzare definition of "free".

I couldn't resell at a "reduced" cost, but if you have PayPal, I'd be happy to buy some and ship it to you at cost. If I ship by 1st class it should be cheaper than a courier, but might take a week to get there. 

edit: i'd like to know how much they send as a sample.


Hi Boa, bad use of the word reduced, I meant at cost plus a little (reduced compared to retail). I imagine the cost of material to be between $2 -> $10 per kg, but they would want a minimum order of 50->100kg. If someone in the UK can buy it from the manufacturer everyone could save.

 I run a small plastics converting company in Australia so I'll look at importing it here for any aussies on here, and sell to the public.