Let's Make Robots!

Funny video

By no means robot related, and I will not try to draw any paralels :)

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What really blows is that I was already going to have to buy some of those stupid hamsters for xmas this year. My 7 year old and his mom think they're funny as hell. Since there's no poo to go with them, I wasn't going to be too unhappy about buying em either.

(btw, Frits, it was my edit. glad you enjoyed it too)

If he posted a forum topic stating check out these cool robot hamsters: it probably wouldn't even have been removed.

We should have a "museum of amusing SPAM" in LMR 3.0. 

Sometimes you drink too much especially around the holidays. When the holidays come you sit and drink a lot. Prolonged sitting can lead to hemmoroids. Come to the Midwest Hemmorroid Treatment Center and we will use our robot hamsters to remove your hemmoroids. One free 6 pack of beer with every hemmoroid removed.
Good spam! Thanks for the gentle edit, admin, who ever you are, rik?!
I needed LMR-II to find this thread (again). Totally agree on the editing style here! Can I "collect" spam comments?
Unfortunately, no, comments aren't collectable (the "only nodes" thing again). If I can someday figure out how to make a list of certain-flagged comments, something like a "Best Of" gallery thing could be entertaining.
Well, it reminds me of my programming style. I have a set goal, but I can't seem to get the right parameters. The input I expect seems to deviate from the actual sensor reading.