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management model


The Decepticons robots are far superior to the Autobot robots. Their only real problem is the management model applied by Megatron.

The Autobots have weaker and less agile robots, but still manage to outmaneuver the Decepticons by Optimus Prime's abillity to forge the Autobots into one co-ordinated unit.

An example is the Autobot Bumble-Bee. The Decepticons would never waist resources on building a robot that transforms into a Volkswagen Beetle. They'll build a helicopter robot instead, but thanks to Megatrons lack of team building and corelated asset thinking, they still fall through to the Autobots Beetles and ambulances...

The Autobots only real asset over the Decepticons is Optimus Prime. So Megatron has to rethink his management model and leader strategy . Cause as of now the carismatic leader with his ramshackle Autobots never loose to the mighty Decepticons with their narrow minded despot.

I just thought this might be worth thinking about when developing your robot brains, wether its Arduino, Matrix or PIC..

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My plan is one "brain" and lots of little slave brains.