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       Hello, Well basically i'm a graduate with biology as my core subject. I had absolutely zero Knowledge of electronics but have now managed to know a little bit from this wonderful website. Please suggest me some refference ebooks for basic code programming.

       I also have a broken RC toy car with two functional motors and an SM6135W microcontroler on its circuit board. Unfortunaltely I couldn't find its remote control. 

       Please feel free to suggest what I can make out of this as my first robot. 

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but where to start by thoes i have very small knowlege  about  electroncis  is there  any one recommend a site or a ebooks  to start with it  as a introuduction for  electronics      

There are lots of good sites for that. Try googling it a bit.

Here are some links for starters:




I recommend starting as simple as possible. Start by getting to know you microcontroller by making it blink some LEDs. Then try moving a servo. A DC motor. Then connect an IR sensor etc...

Get to know the parts one by one :)

PS: It doesn't sound very easy though to start off with the microcontroller you mentioned (SM6135). I'd recommend getting an Arduino or Picaxe or something else designed for these sort of things. I may be diffucult to find examples, support and forums that can help you otherwise...

@pjnai123 thank you but i think i need much more basics coz i've never touched such thing before