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Twitch of the Death Nerve

Controlled by a pic 16f84a microcontroller, it responds to light and shadows in a brightly lit room. Made of plywood, paper clips and popsicle sticks, as far as mechanics.seven servos in all for actuators.The shell is vaccum formed plastic.The video is a bit different than the project at its current stage, as I ultimately wanted more dynamic movement, rather than eye and mouth movement. More video will be coming soon:)

The second video is with an arduino duemanilove board controlled by a single potentiometer.I'm going with the original pic because the movement is creepy and that works well for this particular project.

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Wow! Are you planning to put it outdoors on Helloween and scare the sh#^ out of neighborhood? :D
Yeah, actually that's precisely what I was planning:)
haha! thats great!

Oh, very nice!

I must say that robot builders are very much alike. Your project and style totally reminds me of this other cool project: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/12032

The PIC is an awesome platform for robotics .I love it!

Jesus that`s creepy as hell! 5 stars for freaking me out.

Did you vacuum form the shell yourself?

Yeah.It's a pretty simple process.But just so you know, the head is actually paper mache.I was kind of inspired by old automata from centuries past and thats why I tried that.I just saw the new paper mache post.I think it's really cool that I'm not the only guy who has tried that!
That would be great for home security... If someone walks in and sees that thing writhing on the groung theyre going to leave in a hurry

damn it' alive , it scare me very much!!!!!

impressive work!

scare small children. Congratulations.