Let's Make Robots!

Twitch of the Death Nerve

Controlled by a pic 16f84a microcontroller, it responds to light and shadows in a brightly lit room. Made of plywood, paper clips and popsicle sticks, as far as mechanics.seven servos in all for actuators.The shell is vaccum formed plastic.The video is a bit different than the project at its current stage, as I ultimately wanted more dynamic movement, rather than eye and mouth movement. More video will be coming soon:)

The second video is with an arduino duemanilove board controlled by a single potentiometer.I'm going with the original pic because the movement is creepy and that works well for this particular project.

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Animatronics are neat. I never saw on a private level though. I heard disneyland are pros at this stuff.

I love this robot!

Its totally my style!