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How to detect ghosts and spirits ect?

I just saw in a crap film this guy who had some thingey with wich he could detect spiritual activity, you know the kind. "Oh there is a high level over here now.."

Now, since I started building robots, whenever I see gadgets like that, I know how to make them. Only I do not know what sensor to use.

What sensor would one use? Seriously? I would like to try to build one!

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I made a detector now:


You could try and build a scanner using hall effect sensors, basically an electronic compass to try and measure fluctuations in the earths magnetic field. Combine this with a keychain IR thermometer I saw in a hardware store to detect cold spots. Throw in a smoke generator to shoot at anything you detect in hopes that it will show up in the smoke. 

Or you can sit back with a beer and watch Ghostbusters.

So hall effect sensors really pick up on the Earth's magnetic field? I'm a bit surprised by that for some reason. I may have to buy a couple and try it out.
Well, they pick up some kind of field. It could be the Earths magnetic field, or something from beyond....

Good points. Apart from the watching Ghostbusters, I am sure that would not make my day, as most things from the time :)

I think ovreall the hardest part in such a project would be to debug while developing. Really hard to tune in excactly without! And possibly in there the biggest challenge lies!

You'l need a ghost for debugging. Why not try posting a vacancy for position of debug-ghost? Not sure if they accept cash though...
Whatever you do, don't cross the streams!
Good point, thanks!
I tried that once but the batteries in my unlicenced particle accellerator went flat (never use alkaline batteries in particle accelerators!)