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The Pulse - 2009w43

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No, LMR-II is not (gonna be) a boring, predictable sequal. It's (gonna be) so much better! With or without balloons, but definitely with a manual. Consider LMR-I a test run. Just to see how it should be done.

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"I cannot help you on this"

Those words are not very common here on LMR. But Maneuver utters them anyway. It was in admiration of the way the poster was seeking support. And the way he was getting it.

Isotope had written a very clear and specific question. He did so in the appropriate forum. He explained very precisely what he was trying to achieve, where it went wrong, what he had done to figure it out by himself and how he expected others to help him answer his question. And then he went and followed all the advise...

Text book material, Vadim! Bravo! The Award for "Best Support Seeker" goes to Azerbaijan this year!

(The answers were brilliant as well, by the way.)

collect this!

Touchy Feely

More warm fuzzy support going on here. Chris and Ezekiel are charging their batteries. Any which way they like. They really seem to complement each other. And compliment. With hardware no less.

collect a friend

Search and Rescue

Here's an example of how a support question can go when you cannot be specific enough about your hardware. You will be relegated to the mercy of "Robologist's Miraculous Search Engine Magic".

He is good. He is really, really good.

google me lmr

It all begins with manuals

This fine walk through is just not getting enough applause. Node seventy five people! Go there. Pay homage! PICAXE DUMMIES CLICK NOW

green balloon with logobot


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It all begins with manuals : i strongly agree on this one.

Without that picaxe walkthrough it would have taken me much more to learn how to use the board. 

Thanks a lot for compliment! :) And thanks to everyone helping me out on that problem! ;)

Yeah, every time I open LMR, I hope to see v2 :)) 

Thanks Rik!  Though the Nokia thing was one I remembered Sparkfun carrying a Nokia screen, Google is a very beautiful tool. Even to find Node 75, probably the one node used the most in trying to help with PICAxe questions.

As if we weren't anticipating LMR II enough!

It sounds like it is going to be great. Can't wait to see it. Thanks to all the folks working so hard to make it happen.

Anyone got a good screenshot of all 3 balloons?

This is a brilliant pulse, rik.

Only, it does not make sense before release of II.

But what does?