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Hello everyone!

Now, I'm sure I can't be the first with this problem. A quick scan of the forums didn't turn up much, so I'll ask outright. I have a semi-autonomous robot project (won't bore with details) and I absolutely NEED to have a coordinate system (X, Y, and the direction the robot is facing). This can't involve any GPS or expensive digital compass sensors, and it needs to be pretty accurate. And because this might be asked, I'm running a twin gearbox Tamiya motor and two rubber wheels. It's a pretty small setup. Someone here has to have run into this before...what are your suggestions or solutions?

Thanks in advance! 

- P 

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Touché! And yes you may answer...

What a bummer about the setup. Unfortunately I can't be of much help here. Never used one of these things (hall effect sensors). Hopefully OddBot will jump in and say something useful soon...:/

I'm running a 9V through a 7805 voltage regulator. I don't have a processor on anything yet, was just building it on a breadboard first. I've actually taken apart the setup, but might put it together again later in which case I will upload some pictures. I'll try the cap, thanks for the tip!

- P 

Well...I'm breaking down and buying this: http://www.sparkfun.com/commerce/product_info.php?products_id=7915

I need this for my thesis project and can't afford not to have it working. It pains me to have to buy a complete unit rather than make it myself, but I've recently found out that the timeline for this is a lot shorter than I thought. Thanks so much for all of the help with this, that's why I keep coming back :P

- P 

you're breaking my heart. I was really hoping for this to work. :/

Anyway good luck with your project. :)