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Microsoft Robotics Studio

Hi, does anyone here know Microsoft Robotics Studio (MSRS)?

Does anyoneone used it?

Do you think MSRS will be a standard on programming robots?

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Personally I wold not even look at it for the two letters "MS" :)

It's not a relegion, but simply bad experience on every possible level with that company! 

I've been checking about MSRS and there are a lot of Robotic companies worldwide that are adopting the software solution offered by Microsoft, I'm developing some applications with MSRS and the truth is that is a very good platform for programming robots.


To what protocols does the robot need to conform?

Thy just realized the DSS Protocol (DSSP)


I have had some experience with msrs.  I started looking at 1.0 and was simultaneously disgusted and amused that the samples did not compile.  In the 1.5 release they seemed to have gotten some of the kinks worked out.

After playing with the simulator (had to get a new graphics card to do so) I found some of the concepts were well thought out.  For example.

1. Being web 2.0 based certainly is a plus.
2. Service based components is a good concept (although ORCA did the same in the GNU world).
3. Pretty impressive IDE
4. Uses the CLR (common language runtime virtual machine) - good idea but Java did that ages ago
5. MS has a HUGE amount of resources, two years ago they decided that robotics was really important (this has good and bad aspects) 

1. As is with most MS code, I find it a bit bloated.  Like MS Word is to text editing.  Lots of pretty bells and whistles, but it will suck the cpu out of anything less than 2 Ghz and 2 Gigs of memory.  (I have been very interested in the green concept of "re-cycling" old hardware into things that are useful vs. MS always making hardware obsolete)
2. They are commercial - which means the lowest common denominator for the biggest buck.  vs. academic or hobby software which is typically created out of passion and inspiration (and usually much better code).
3. The runtime OS that they say it will run on, will never be as adaptable or extensible as Linux. Lets face it, its NOT open source, so you'll never have the opportunity or ability to improve it, unless perhaps your working for Big Brother.  Driver's which are not supported, will make even more hardware obsolete.  (Linux is the domain where "men are men, and write their own drivers" ...quote from Linus Torvalds) - I have intimate experience with this from some 3com homeconnect cameras. I can't get data from the proprietary drivers on MS OS - but on Linux I can hack the driver to do what I want - others have too

I have many years experience creating enterprise apps for MS and Linux OSs, and have decided to make an open source robotics framework that is capable of inter-operating with MS.  The goal is to be able to use the ms components which a roboteur may like (e.g. simulator, xbox 3 controller) and still be able to use Linux for their robot. 

In short I like the idea of inter-operating with a giant, but I really get the warm and fuzzys when I'm re-cycling a P3 into a robot and coding open source for Linux.

GroG @ www.gizmogarden.com 

Damn, I guess I had something to say about the subject.. :)