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How to make your own Polymorph - cheap!

Update! Aparently there is a huge difference in the glue-sticks. Take that into consideration regarding everything in this post.

However, I had some of the "bad kind" as well, and did some resaerch: if your glue sticks are not the kind that I have used for the main picture, perhaps you still may have interest in making "shapes" the way demonstrated on these pictures:



Here follows original posting, but I may have been to fast announcing this, not all glues sticks will apply.

Want "Polymorph", or "Shapelock" - that Uh, so expensive and hard to get materials?

Well, here is the news; It it is the same stuff that melt-gluegun-glue sticks are made of!

Yes, it's true. Get some sticks, boil them (erh - do not boil them, they get sticky - keep them below 62 celsius, but get them there.. make sure they are all heated through.. take the spaghetti up, mold it, cool it down.. bingo!

See this thread for more, this is fantastic, I am going to be molding now!


OK - have doe some more testing :)

Strange - different companies glue sticks behave differently; Some will melt again, and some gets sort of tough and hard for ever once melted. If you mic them, you will get hard pieces inside nice mody stuff - so don't


Hot water out of my tap at home has perfect temperature!

Full manual on this on the PDF here!

Holy moldy! This is really fantastic, I always wanted to try this material, and I always used melt glue.. and now I understand it is the same :D Only the melt-to 62 degress in water-trick does the difference!

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Acetone's kind of hard to get. What type of gas did you use? Butane? Methane? I have some toluene. I wonder if that would work.

My experience mirrored BOA's. The glue stick chops (like in picture 2) stuck together, but it became a rubber rather than the playdough I expected..

Aaargh, I've spent the day dreaming about the new anckle joint I was gonna fabricate tonight, and now the dreams are shattered.

/*maneuver starts looking for that bottle of brandy*


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

THere are different brands in the glue sticks!

I have some that works lik that as well.

However - I have some that works.

Will get back, must research some more.. 

PolyHotMelt01.jpgPolyHotMelt02.jpgHmmm. My results with hotmelt glue weren't good. Sure the stuff gets flexible and sticky in 80 degreeC water (first photo), but it cools REALLY quickly - I couldn't even get chopped up bits of it to stick back together once removed from the hot water (second photo).

When I pulled it, it sort of "snapped" rather than stretching and after it cooled down, the result was kind of rubbery and not very usable.

So with some glue sticks we can fabricate plastic components to build robots... OMG if this is true I HAVE to try it. Imagine what great things we can make if we can fabricate the plastic components our selves....

Looking forward to some vids & pics concerning the testing!

Nice work!


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Actually, I'm off to mix some with some polymorph to see what happens.

They melt a lot quicker if you put them through a blender first. Don't use the household blender. Buy one for the garage. I have one which stays with my garage clothes iron, my garage kettle, my garage microwave oven, my garage food mixer and my garage washing machine.

Anyway. The bloken up granules melt more quickly. Be careful when squeezing the boiling water out of them.

I find the finished result is more flexable than the branded polymorph.