Let's Make Robots!

My 1st non-breadboard circuit :)

I know..a lot of you good folks could solder before you could walk and probably sleep with a soldering iron under your pillow (hope you remember to turn it off :), so here is this guy in his 30s bragging about his first circuit. Pathetic.

However soldering is a major challenge to me and actually the main reason I didn't get started with robotics years ago. It's just not easy for my unsteady hands. So I'm very happy to declare that I just finished my 1st working non-breadboard circuit. It's a motor+servo shield for my Arduino.

It has an L293D H-bridge chip, plugs into my Arduino and provides easy plug and play connectors for 2 DC motors, 2 servos and an external power source. Here are some photos (I know it ain't pretty but it's mine and it WORKS :)





PS: Now that the hardest part is over 1st robot coming up soon :)

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EM--I think drilling is infinitely easier than soldering

Intersting, I've found the opposite true myself.  :D

EM-- I've broken about 4 or 5 1mm drills doing it.

Hence the recommendation for the drill press, especially if his hands aren't all that steady.


Maybe drilling would be easier than soldering for me. Maybe not. It can't possible be harder. However the drill press sure sounds like the optimal solution. But it also makes the setup more expensive.

And I am aware that I'd have to solder anyway but it would be a lot less, and since I'd be drawing my own circuits I'd try to avoid placing the things that need soldering too close together. That is what kills me when soldering in general. I need a larger margin of error.

From my exp, a drill press has saved me time and injury from the drill catching and going in an unexpected direction as it has done without a press. Even without a shakey hand the press would be a truely worthwhile investment for other things as well. 3 things I think are worth while at this point for a hobby in robotics/electronics, a good hand tool, a drill press attachment to go with it, and a good soldering work station....not a radio shack special(which I've gone through several). Life is much easier after that.  :D
I suck at sodering so bad, I'd soder my fingers to my face if possible...congrats!!!
I believe it IS possible..almost happened to me once or twice :D
Congrats man, any progress is good progress =D
Congrats, mate! I'm still somewhere in the begining stages of mastering soldering art, but can say, it's only hard in the begining. :)

And I'm not sure it'll ever be easy for me. When I said unsteady hands I really meant UNSTEADY hands ;) I bought a robot kit a few years ago and actually managed to mess up the PCB so bad in the soldering process it was rendered useless. That put a end to my robotics ambitions for a few years, since I decided that robotics was for people with hands steady enough to solder.

However I made a comeback today :)