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Motors and Tracks

For my next project, I want to use actual motors (I have used continous servos to this point). I also want to have tracks instead of wheels for this project. My question is whether or not the motors I want to use will connect to the tracks I want to use. I want to use this Tamiya Track Kit seen here http://www.robotronic.co.nz/images/TAM-008-000.gif and I want to use the Solarbotics motors like seen here http://www.robotshop.us/solarbotics-gm9-gear-motor-9.html .

Does anyone know if I can attach this track kit to this motor? I know there is another track kit that will fit with these motors and I know there is another type of motor that attaches to this track kit, but I just want to know if I can attach the combination I have shown here.

Thanks for any help.

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AFAIK, no. There is, However, different hubs for the solarbotics treads, aka you can use the tamyia gearbox with the solarbotics treads.

Here are plastic wheels that fit the motors:


Then you can somehow attach the orange spokewheels onto those using glue or screws or something, That's the easy, quick way

Thanks maneuver. That will have to work.

I've only used the Tamiya tracks with the Tamiya dual gearmotors. I wasn't that happy with the Tamiya treads. If I did another track-based bot, I'd try the Solarbotics ones out.