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SparkFun vs SPARC. Trademark infringement or rabid lawyers?

Everyones favourite supplier of robot goodies receives a cease and desist letter from SPARC over trademark infringement. Read the whole thing here.

SPARC really have no idea do they? If you have ever ordered goods from SparkFun before and wouldn`t like to see them forced to change their name by a big company send a quick email to sparcinfo@sparc.org saying what you think of this. Don`t forget, be polite, we are all adults.

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Wow. Stupid.

I work in the IT industry. There is zero percent chance of anyone with `1/2 an IQ point getting those two companies confused for more than about 5 minutes. I'll write a polite note to SPARC.


just another pointless corporate showdown. I totally agree with the points sparkfun makes, and i doubt visitors to either sites would confuse the two. I doubt SPARC will win though, and if they do it will probably take an exboritant amount of time. 

The problem is that SPARC can afford to engage in frivolous law suites, while SparkFun may not be able to afford to defend themselves. Going to court costs money that many smaller companies cannot afford. So it is particularly annoying that SPARC has chosen to do this.

Sending a flood of polite, professional letters back to SPARC can show them that pursuing this will cause them more ill will than it is worth financially.

This IS absurd! SPARC and SparkFun are 2 different things. This is like Google suing Yahoo, beause yahoo has 2 o's.
If they win, they keep going after everybody that has spark in the name. Sparc has either decided to cull their legal department or they have decided to use the lawyers as lab rats, because there are some things not even a rat will do. So it's a way to save their butts, I say save the rat and use the lawyer for test purposes. Hehehe
Not much to say...sparkfun's homepage says it all, they are just talking total crap.