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Jinnarin's First Robot

Hi everyone. After weeks and weeks of tracking down parts and waiting for them to arrive I have finally started construction on my first robot today, i'm so excited! I am following Fritsl's tutorial "How to make your first robot". I would like to thank Fritsl for inspiring me to make a robot!! This is something I have wanted to do for a long time but never knew how.

 Now on to the pics!! (sorry for the low quality pics, I am hoping to get a new camera next week.)

This will be my robots head: I used a small ABS box and mounted the Sharp Sensor inside.


Next I mounted my robots head on to a servo:


Thats all the pictures for now.

As you can see I am NOT making a simple robot, I have a design planned out and am trying to stick to it.

Stay tuned for more!!


Update 1:

Today I soldered nine(9) pins on to my PICAXE-28X1. I have to say I was really nervous about soldering something so small, but I jumped right in and got all nine(9) in place without any problems! I just finished testing the PICAXE-28X1 and I am happy to report that everything still works, lol.

 Update 2:

Its finally started to take shape!


 Update 3:

It would seem my pictures no longer display here. /sadface


Update 4: (November 4, 2009)

Well, I'm still working on my robot. Sadly I haven't gotten any closer to bringing it to life.


First, I am still waiting on wire to come in, I shouldn't have bought wire online, lol.

Second, it would seem I have a bad servo, no idea why. My micro servo works fine, but the standard servo for the head does not. So now I have to get a new servo, Yay!


Update 5: (November 8, 2009)

I finally got a new camera so I updated my pictures and I finally got the wire I ordered so I should have this in it basic final stage in a couple of days!

Update 6: (November 10, 2009)


It's ALIVE! Sort of. It seems my robot is blind or something. I'm just going to have to try and figure this out.

Video is coming soon!

     Update 6.1:  Something is most definitely amiss. I tested my Sharp sensor in debug mode and it does work.However once I add moving wheels into the equation something goes wrong. :(

     Update 6.2:  I got the video up finally! As you can see my robot was not doing much. I altered a little bit of the code and now it just slowly spins around and around. It did drive straight for about three feet (not in video) but it hasn't done it again so I am puzzled.



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At lmr, we rarely see other 'eyes' then the sharps, unchanged, or the srfo5s on mounting brackets. Innovative idea. His name should be Peek-E

Lookin' good. Great progress. Keep it up!

I think you have enough done to start a Robot page.

I may have enough done for a robot page (I don't know) but unfortunatley my robot isn't "alive" yet. I had some strange problems yesterday with the Picaxe and had to "Clear Hardware Memory..." which only frustrated me, and then I got side tracked using the Picaxe 'Tune' command to play ringtones. Hopefully I will have a robot page up sometime next week.