Let's Make Robots!

My first blank RoBot

And here we are... My little Frits bot. It can explore the whole room and I can know in what the bot is thinking with a serial of flashes and sounds.

Why blank? Because it's full of possibilities. It just been born.

I believe that the most complicated part of building it is to add more (and usefull) sensors.

Probably everything is in the source code, is where you can give personality to your bot.

Sorry, but I haven't a videocamera...jet...so, the only things that I can post are pics.

thank you everybody for that incredible blog.


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Hey - Cool :)

You should submit it as a robot - see the frontpage, top left!


wow i realy like this greate work how long did it take you to make ?

Uffff, Build it about 2 days, find the stuff 1 week, but code it about 1 day. Ahhh a couple of hours each day.