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Can we get everyone who has got their code to successfully run to post their files here? Ive been looking all over the site for a central area for code, and I cannot find one. If there is one, point me in that direction, if not, lets all start posting here!

Try not to paste lines of code here, lets keep it clean. uploaded files only please!


Name of code,

What it's for

File (zip or IDE compatible file)


What do you guys think?

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You can only attach a file directly to the post if it is your post. I think the code should go on the robot page so you not only see the code but also how it is used and wired up.

Interesting, I did not know that. I guess this forum is a little different than most.


Can anyone point me in the direction of a simple sketch for a start here robot? I suck at programming and would like to be able to just wire everything together, upload and go. Anyone please? 

Top left corner of any webpage on this website START HERE

Yea, I can see that. I figured using the term "sketch" would tip off to the fact that im using an arduino and the start here is for a picaxe. I want a ready to go, out of the box pde file to run a robot using IR or a ping sensor... but thanks anyway.


Anyone else?

We all sucked at programming at one time, only way we got better was to actually write the code yourself...I would recommend trying to learn it and if you get stuck, then ask.

Also, why did you start out with the arduino if you suck at programming, why not start with a picaxe...?

I still wrestle with programming. I also chose a complex Processor to learn but that hasn't stopped me from trying to learn Spin Language and Assembler on the Propeller. Learn where the resources for your processor are like forums  and video tutorials or webinars are that deal specifically with the processor of your choice, becuse this is a general site with many flavors of MCU used and Picaxe seems to be preferred here.
The Object Exchange has code modules that are freely redistributable and free for use. I use it a lot. OBEX

Thanks Thegrue, glad at least one person is interested in helping.


@voodoobot, I am currently learning the language and am working to decipher the codes I HAVE found. I just want something that works out of the box, so that I can get an object avoiding bot going. I will build on the code then. Until i learn the code im looking for something someone else has written. This IS supposed to be open source right?


Instead of telling me to learn code and insulting my navigational skills, maybe some of you could help? Thanks for making a new person welcome! 

lol....I think I'll pass on  helping...you seem to think you're entitled to it.....

 and lets see...telling you??...."I would recommend trying to learn it and if you get stuck, then ask."

recommend is not telling...

not sure how that was insulting...but take it as you like I guess....

Hi jair, the Arduino start here robot is linked in the first paragraph of the picaxe start here robot. Adding sonar or IR distance sensors should be easy. You`ll find people are more willing to help you when you`ve already shown you are trying to help yourself. Open source doesn`t mean we`re some kind of help desk techs just here to make you happy.

Everyone started with nothing and learnt it slowly over time, I started with Arduino too. I read through the tutorials all over the net, looked up some sonar code and stuck it all together. Really it`s not hard if you take the time and I learnt a hell of a lot faster than if I had just downloaded someone elses sketch and tried to decipher it.

If you want out-of-the-box instant gratification maybe a robot kit would be more suitable?