Let's Make Robots!

Some questions from a beginner.

Hi Everyone,

First, thanks for taking the time to read the forum and answer questions from new guys. I know it's sometimes a pretty thankless task, despite being very time consuming!

 The site looks like an excellent resource, and when I have the time I shall read it more thoroughly. In the meantime I have some quite simple questions about a robot that I'd like to build.

 The robot is to be controlled by bluetooth - I'm happy to sort everything out on the controller end of things - it's just the robot part that I have the questions about. Hopefully this is where you come in.

 So in no particular order here are my short questions!

1. How much does a bluetooth receiver chip cost? It has to be able to interface with a mobile phone.

2. Would it be possible to scavenge the above from a phone?

3. If yes to 2) I assume it would be surface mount - what is the easiest way of using surface mount package with a breadboard?

4. For microcontroller selection: which microcontrollers work best with bluetooth? Or does it not matter?

 That'll do to start off with! Sorry if any of these questions are too open-ended or don't make sense! 

 Thanks in advance,


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  1.  Sparkfun prices. Do not believe that interfacing to a phone is easy, as it would require that phone to be programmable in some way.
  2. Not likely.
  3. - Surface mount to dip adapters would work, but not likely to salvageunits from phone.
  4. Does not matter, as the BLuetooth usually goes to a serila interface that many micros support.



I've been looking at this as well.  Since I have access to some devices I've been planning on looking at what I'd be able to do in terms of development. I think it would be cool to control a bot from a phone..  :D
Give us an idea of background. Have you coded, soldered, built a circut? How about a blinking LED? Where are you at?