Let's Make Robots!

ProtoBot (aka ugly mofo)

I wasn't really gonna post this robot, but then I thought what the heck, it IS my 1st robot. Besides the next time one of you guys make a robot that isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you'd like you can always remember: Well atleast it isn't as ugly as that thing Aniss made :)

It is a quick prototype for a mapping robot I'm planning and it isn't gonna have a very long life. It's too ugly to live. I just needed to put something together now that I finally have gathered the parts, skills and knowledge (so so) I need to start building robots. A few months ago I didn't know what a circuit, microcontroller or a servo was and I didn't even have a screewdriver, so it's been a tough ride for me.

Very soon I'll have something more interesting to show. That is when I get more time and figure out how to attach these DC motors (these things are killing me)...


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nah, just kidding - hot glue is great - for temporary holds anyhow.

Depending on the plastic of the motors though, hot glue may not stick too well - so the answer is....

Hotglue AND cableties!!... 

I think theres some life left in this horse yet..

I'll be getting a hot glue gun ASAP. Hopefully this weekend. And oh..some cable ties too ;)

My first bot started with cable tie construction. Then I added hot glue. Then some screws. I finally wound up with mostly screws and just a bit of hot glue.

However, it was really nice to be able to experiment with how to construct the bot using glue, then refine it and finally use something more permanent when I'd figured it out.

I'm all for screews. They seem more stable, more aesthetic and less permanent (=they can simply be unscreewed again).

One of the main criterias of the robots I'm planning is that I wanna be able to take them apart fast and easy, change a part and put it back together again (if needed). Or simply take them apart and recycle the parts.

But I have no idea how to screew these motor on to something. There are no ears (like servos), no holes, nothing I can attach to anything. And their shape is kinda awkward too. So I'm still not sure what to do with them...

I concur :) Hot glue rocks for those semi-permanent robots, or parts you just want to attach for testing.

If you`re worried about getting the hot glue off motors/servos/whatever cleanly just wrap some tape around the parts first then you can smother the glue on.

You can place them like  that and hot-glue them together.

motors alignment

..Glue..I forgot to mention that I DON'T wanna use glue because I wanna be able to reuse the parts over and over. I expect my 1st robots to have very short lifetimes before I tear them apart and make a better one. My fault for not metioning that earlier.

Besides the motors are very small and I don't what them to be THAT close together. That wouldn't leave any space for anything...

But thanks anyway :)

I know you are challenged to get parts and tools where you live. However, if you can get access to a hot glue gun and glue stick supplies, I think you will find them helpful.

Hot glue is "just strong enough". It would hold your two motors together, but if you need to separate them for another project, you'll definitely be able to pull them apart.

Fritsl is a huge fan of hot glue, and I guess now I am too. I use it a lot with my robots.

I cannot live without my hot melt glue gun since I discovered it for myself! :D

Strongly recommended :D ignoblegnome is right, you can separate parts with some force, peel off remnants of glue, and you are ready to glue them togeather the other way around! :)

I basically ruled out glue cause it would be impossible or atleast a mess to detach the parts and reuse them. However if you're right then I'll definately reconsider it :)

And you're right that getting parts here is ridiculously difficult. You have no idea :/

A few questions: Is there another (more formal) name for it? I have a feeling that nobody will understand me if I say "hot glue" or just translate it directly to spanish "pegante caliente". What kind of store should I look for? That is..what is the general use of hot glue? (apart from robot building)

Anyhoo thanks for the tip ;)