Let's Make Robots!

ProtoBot (aka ugly mofo)

I wasn't really gonna post this robot, but then I thought what the heck, it IS my 1st robot. Besides the next time one of you guys make a robot that isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you'd like you can always remember: Well atleast it isn't as ugly as that thing Aniss made :)

It is a quick prototype for a mapping robot I'm planning and it isn't gonna have a very long life. It's too ugly to live. I just needed to put something together now that I finally have gathered the parts, skills and knowledge (so so) I need to start building robots. A few months ago I didn't know what a circuit, microcontroller or a servo was and I didn't even have a screewdriver, so it's been a tough ride for me.

Very soon I'll have something more interesting to show. That is when I get more time and figure out how to attach these DC motors (these things are killing me)...


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suggest you flip one of the motors around, so you can interlock the two pieces, then you make the base narrower, and you make a nice broad surface to put your board on. Then you can attack the motors with cable ties ... ?


Yes I did wanna flip one of the motors but like I said I didn't know how to attach these motors. I spend quite a bit of time thinking of different ways of attaching SERVOS, but when I received these motor from DAGU I had no idea of what to do with them. They're not exactly handy :/ 

Anyway I did think of a few methods but I'll have to experiement a bit to make it work....

To be continued...... :)

Heh, trust me mate, I've seen far more disorganised 'first try' robots =D

Looks like you've picked up a lot of new skills working on this one.

...you've seen WORSE :)

And yeah I sure picked up a thing or two in this process...