Let's Make Robots!

ProtoBot (aka ugly mofo)

I wasn't really gonna post this robot, but then I thought what the heck, it IS my 1st robot. Besides the next time one of you guys make a robot that isn't as aesthetically pleasing as you'd like you can always remember: Well atleast it isn't as ugly as that thing Aniss made :)

It is a quick prototype for a mapping robot I'm planning and it isn't gonna have a very long life. It's too ugly to live. I just needed to put something together now that I finally have gathered the parts, skills and knowledge (so so) I need to start building robots. A few months ago I didn't know what a circuit, microcontroller or a servo was and I didn't even have a screewdriver, so it's been a tough ride for me.

Very soon I'll have something more interesting to show. That is when I get more time and figure out how to attach these DC motors (these things are killing me)...


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Yes I also discovered that in the meantime and it saved my sorry ass. That stuff rules! After I've been trying and struggling with various ways of screewing and glueing stuff together I really love this stuff. Perfect for someone with my kind of toolbox available (=I don't have ANY).

PS: Double sided sticky tape, I love you :D

I was going to suggest sandwiching the 2 motors between 2 thin pieces of wood using double sided tape.

When I do this I use only small bits of tape because bigger pieces grip like hell and can be difficult to pry appart.
Double sided tape does have drawbacks because of its thickness though. In your case you may get away with just taping the 2 motors to one board.
I had the thickness problem with the g_bot when I wantesd to mount the batteries but Luckily my wife had a jewelrt box "lying around" that was made of very thin plywood. Now she does not have to remove the lid to put in her jewelry....

Gosh that was smart hey?

Just want to add that there is a very strong velcro type stuff available (superlock fasteners)

Its 5 times stronger than the best Velcro

I have an image of it on my page

Funky stuff. May come in handy some day. But right now I'm still in love with double sided tape :D