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My Yellow Drum Machine - The Start

My Black Drum Machine

So it all needs to start somewhere - order has been placed for the various components just when will they arrive.

When out buying concrete, sand and shingle tho i could not believe my eyes when i spied a £10- glue gun - so it begins. Shopped around for the components and think overall I have good prices - sadly the rule of thumb seems to be find the part - damn its from an american supplier - the price I wonder from the English ? easy swap $ for £ and add about 10% and robert is your fathers brother.

 It is tempting to order stuff from the US but trouble is that it just does not arrive fast enough.

1 1 Piece(s)SRF005Ultrasonic Range Sensor £11.9917.5%£11.99
2 2 Piece(s)ICO030L293D motor driver £3.0017.5%£6.00
3 1 Piece(s)PPM15520s Sound Recorder £10.9017.5%£10.90
41 Piece(s)AXE001UPICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack (USB)
1 Piece(s) PICAXE-28X1 Starter Pack
1 Piece(s) PICAXE USB Download Cable
5 1 Piece(s)BAT011Battery Box (6V) £0.2217.5%£0.22
7 Shipping MethodUK First Class17.5%£8.00

9Tax Area UK and EU
10Total Amount (without VAT)£62.72
11Value Added Tax: standard (17.5 %)£10.98
12Total Amount£73.70 


DetailsItem PriceQty.Price
 Gear Motor 10 - Geared pager motor
SKU: GM10$9.754$39.00

 Gear Motor and Tread Package
SKU: GMTPkg$39.951$39.95
Option Groups
Gear Motor: GM2 (224:1 Offset Shaft) (GM2)
Tread Color: Black (GMT-B)

Shipping Method: Canada Post XPressPost International
Order Notes/Comments: n/aShipping:
Total (USD):$48.45


So everything is now here


side view - i opted for HDPE for the base, lighter and was already black - so i have adbandoned the original wooden frame sprayed black - seems buying a large 1000x1000mm sheet is a whole lot cheaper than 18"*8" some places sell.

Please note the rear of "Dave" the french bulldog.


The underbelly of the beast. Speaker to the front, my motors are a little different and so, were a pain to fit, I found some nifty little brackers to do the job, needed to drill them out a little, but worked a treat.


I decided mine needed a bumper, a few minutes with a fret saw and avoila - end cap / terminatation for a section of guttering has been trimmed and fits like a glove. Hole located top center is to mount the head on, drum sticks to go either side - there is a enough room, if carefull.

Just finished cutting my drum sticks, have opted for a paintbrush (size 10) trimmed, slot cut to be mounted on the pager motors - need to ge some more screws small enough to mount through blade. L293D mounted, female to female connectors made up, header pins added to the picaxe board - all i need now is another day in the week to actually do some more with it all.

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I ended up moving to the Middle East for work - I will spare you the details of exactly what happened to ALL my robotics stuff (parts, tools, note books, schematics, the lot) but suffice to say they were confiscated :(

I am out here for at least another year before I will probably go back to the UK where, if all goes to plan, I will begin again.


Oh that's sad. Take care and try to re-start it when you are back.

Thank you ! 

On an upnote however, when i do go back to the UK, I will have made and saved enough money for my own smallish CNC machine and 3D Makerbot printer :) - so watch this space. 

Oh and also, whilst i might not have access to my "bomb making equipment" - I have had ample opportunity to broaden my hobby skillset in non hands on skills, just hope i am not too rusty when it comes back to being at the sharp end of the stick tho.

CNC and 3D printer, cool...then you will have no sleep anymore...i promise ;-)))

I know this post is 4 years old, but my robot build is also going slow now.. Thats why i did ask. And yes.. Christophe, watch out. I can not wait until you show us your skills at your next robot. I'm sure you gonna build It once.. :)

did you already made some progress on building the robot?

Danny, the project started in 2008...I guess the project is dead ;-)

ah ha - easily solved - i liked the shape, so all i need to add is a couple of pins to the front to give it a couple of points of square up on - or bull bars.

Uh - I see problem; Needs to be flat on the front as described, in order to be able to position easily in front of objects!!
very nice!
Now working on the mini-robot!