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Found the correct motors for Leo

Well found the correct motors for Leo, less than a $10 fix, actually $7.16 before S&H. Polulu.com wants another $10.95 for S&H.  I don't mind paying for S&H but would rather wait till I ordered more than the S&H is going to be.  I might get a few extra motors to put on the swap board and see what I can get for them.  $20 for 4 motors, or $30 for 15 motors, you do the math and see what you come up with.  Going to check to see what parts I'm missing for my arduino clones, offhand I know that I have the crystals and the 5v regs on their way here, so just need to pick up the reset buttons and some small LEDs. I have all the headers and most of the discrete components already here.